Peter Olpe,

in time of Corona


in his Home-Office on the Road

With the help of "Google Instant Street View" I went on an extensive travel and drew and painted places that caught my attention.
Several series of small-scale, mostly color Vedutes* were created.
24 of these drawings are presented here.

* Pleinairism: Open Air Painting
* Vedute: True-to-Life Image of a City or Landscape


Only with difficulty or exclusively in our minds are we able to travel.
Many places and landscapes we are longing for will remain unreachable in the near future.
With a picture, the pressure of our suffering can be lightend, or the anticipation of coming journeys- in virus free times - could be kept awake. 

Purchasing a Drawing: Contact / E-Mail

You are interested in a picture from the exhibition!
Please contact me by e-mail, stating the picture number.
I will contact you. We can then discuss framing and shipping.

Order a Drawing upon Request: Contact / E-Mail

You would like me to draw a personal Vedute with a motif of your choice?
I would be more than happy and visit with Google Instant Street View the places you suggest.
Please contact me by e-mail, to discuss how to proceed with the motif selection and which drawing technique I should use. 

Previous Orders

Since October 2020

Sylt for M.L. in Basel
Castle Birseck and Ermitage, Arlesheim for A.V. in Basel
Bremen Harbour for R.B. in Bern
Galapagos for L.V. in Zurich
Hill Crest Cemetery, Springfield Mass. for G.V. in Basel


Picture size, Frame, Price and Delivery

The drawing is approximately 15 x 18 cm (6 x 7 inches). 

The coffered wooden frame (spruce) with non-reflecting glass in the format 25 x 31 cm, profile width 1 cm, profile depth 2.7 cm, comes in either black or white. For an additional charge of CHF 50.- the frame can be made of natural wood: walnut, maple or beech. 

The framed picture, black or white, costs Fr. 450.- In natural wood Fr. 500.-, an unframed picture, without passepartout Fr. 400.-. 

I can personally deliver it in Basel, or have it delivered by mail if you prefer. Outside Basel only by mail. The postage will be charged separately. 

Overseas deliveries, without a frame.

About Pleinair-Online

With Pleinair-Online the landscape artist can travel within seconds either to Schönmatt above Arlesheim, Switzerland or to a suburban settlement in the Russian City Pskov. Distances do not matter, everything is just a mouse click away. Many streets over thousands of kilometers, opening up unending views of exciting landscapes. And there are many individual points with attractive and fascinating Panoramic views.

In the past years, I have repeatedly been able to present excerpts from my Pleinair-Online work to a small but exquisite public of my friends and acquaintances: once it was wall calendars I produced between 2017 and 2020, then in the summer of 2018 there were three extensively illustrated books "Hin+Zurück9999" with 900 pictures, which I presented in the exhibition room Lac Leman in Basel (Hin+Zurück9999). And last year the publication "Von Null auf Siebzig" with works on paper, which also included some plein-air online pictures.
In the years 2018 and 2019 I had a booth at the Yami-ichi of the HeK (House of Electronic Arts in Basel) and at the request of the visitors, I captured a landscape with tempera paint on paper. With the help of "Google Instant Street View" I was guided to the desired locations. I would like to continue this interesting experience with “Pleinair-Online in my home office on the road”. The offer will last until summer 2021. Or we can move freely again.


Peter Olpe *1949, artist, graphic designer, pinhole camera designer and photographer. He taught at the Basel School of Design until 2009. And was vice-director, and head of the Advanced Class for Graphic Design and the Foundation Program until his retirement. His private studio is on St.Johanns-Vorstadt 15, in Basel

Dear friends of pictures, please pass on the link to my website, new contacts are very welcome.
Thank you

Peter Olpe